Literacies@Sheffield presents

Valuing the Visual in Literacy Research

International Conference

Literacy Conference

4th- 5th July 2017

The Edge at the Endcliffe Village
Sheffield, S10 3ED

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A fabulous space to learn and reflect with great speakers.

2016 Conference Delegate

How do we understand the relationship between literacy and the visual? This conference seeks to explore the many intersections between written and spoken language and the visual. Making sense of the visual in relation to literacy important in an age of social media and rapid change in representational practices. This has key implications for literacy education. By valuing the visual we are acknowledging the lived experience of children young people and adults in homes, communities and schools. This conference will explore the intersections between the visual, everyday life, representational practices and literacy.

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Call for abstracts

We welcome research that looks at graphic novels; film; images; maker spaces; multimodality; virtual spaces; social network sites; animation; gamers; Art; design (im)materiality, mulitilingualism and the post human.

Please send abstracts to by 17th April 2017. Abstracts should be up to 350 words and based on the assumption that presentations will be 30 minutes with 15 minutes discussion. Please signal whether your abstract is for a paper, a Short Fuse presentation or for a poster.

Paper Session

30 minute presentation of research or an argument. 15 minutes questions.

Short Fuse

Specifically for research students. The Short Fuse is a popular slot & is designed to allow many presentations in a focused and lively form. The format involves: 10 Powerpoint slides only; Total presentation will be 5 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions. You should set your slides to advance automatically for your talk.


You should bring your printed poster with you. We would also like to encourage people to bring along art work to share and we can curate a small exhibition across the two days.

Literacy ConferenceLooking back on 2016's conference: 'Language, Literacy and Identity'

From the 1–2 July, delegates from around the world attended the School of Education’s International Conference. The sparkling array of keynote speakers and conference delegates gave papers around the topic of ‘Language, Literacies and Identity’.

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